¿La situación del mercado de edulcorantes?

1, more varieties of items. At present, most manufacturers of dietary sweeteners use sodium saccharin as the main source of sweetness to compound masking agents and synergists that mask the bitterness of sodium saccharin. This is the mainstream of feed sweeteners. However, in recent years, some other sweet products have emerged. Following the lifting of the New Sweets patent, new sweeteners represented by New Sweet have appeared on the market, and sweeteners that do not contain sodium saccharin have been declared, and bitter sweetness can be masked. Flavor agent. Some sweeteners are sweeteners that combine sodium saccharin and neotame. They have a good sense of export and cost-effective sweeteners. In addition, there are also new sweeteners that have been added to the market by the addition of some special flavoring agents or attractants.

2, more manufacturers. The main content and price are more confusing. Everyone considers it a guest product. Main products in the market are still dominated by 30%, 50%, 70%, 90%, 95% of sodium saccharin, and prices range from more than ten yuan to more than one hundred. Recently, a large number of Neo-Sweet products have also been flocked to the market. This part of the product does not generally indicate the main content. Most of them use sweetness as a measure of quality. The price is generally lower than that of sweeteners based on sodium saccharin. The price is very high. confusion.

3, the concept of marketing more. The sweetener market has overcapacity and fierce competition. All the manufacturers are trying their best to fight marketing wars, price wars, and guest emotions. Some companies like to play with new concepts, such as the “water-soluble” products popular in the past few years, with full-water-soluble as a selling point, and “sugar-type” products, for example, in order to pursue simple human taste as a selling point, and also as “distribution-type” products. Open the bag and smell the dust as sweet and so on.

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