Garantizar la salud intestinal, la eficiencia alimentaria de las aves y una estrategia de reducción de costes

In the case of high raw material prices, the substitution of raw materials should start from two aspects: raw materials and intestinal health: on the one hand, we should work hard on the selection and precise use of alternative raw materials, and on the other hand, by improving intestinal health to maintain animal intestinal nutrient substances Efficient absorption and utilization. Specific recommendations are as follows:

(1) When other grains such as wheat, barley, sorghum, and rice replace corn, add non-starch polysaccharide enzyme preparation.

(2) Set the upper limit of the use of raw materials, use them in combination, control the overall level of anti-nutritional factors and mycotoxins of the finished materials, and add an appropriate amount of mildew remover if necessary.

(3) Microbial fermentation technology treats miscellaneous meal, reduces its anti-nutritional factors and improves nutrient digestibility.

(4) Use high-quality functional protein raw materials to improve the digestibility and utilization rate of feed protein and reduce the level of feed anti-nutritional factors.

(5) Use additives such as acidulants, plant essential oils, butyric acid products to improve the intestinal health of poultry. Take full advantage of the synergistic effect between different additives. For example, the synergistic effect of acidulants and plant essential oils, the synergistic effect between enzymes and other additives, and so on.

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