Cómo regular la flora intestinal para favorecer la maduración inmune:

1. Colonization of intestinal flora plays a key role in promoting intestinal immune maturation

Innate immunity: regulate intestinal barrier function (mucus, intestinal epithelium, AMP), regulate the body’s inflammatory response, and promote the development and maturation of innate lymphocytes.

Acquired immunity: differentiation and proliferation of lymphocytes, regulation of synthesis and secretion of IgA.

2.The development and colonization rules of pig intestinal microorganisms: from scratch; from aerobic to strictly anaerobic; from simple to complex; from dynamic to stable.

3. Accelerating the intestinal oxygen consumption of newborn animals can improve the colonization efficiency of anaerobic symbiotic bacteria.

4. Using the method of maternal fecal bacteria transplantation, the composition of the intestinal flora of newborn piglets was significantly changed, and the performance of piglets was improved.


1. The immaturity of intestinal immunity of piglets before weaning is an important reason for piglet death and weaning stress, which reduces the production efficiency of pig breeding.

2. Before piglets are weaned, the intestinal tract mainly develops innate immunity. Therefore, the key to promoting intestinal immune maturation in pre-weaning piglets is to promote innate immune maturation.

3. Gut microbes interact with important innate lymphoid cells ILC3 and jointly drive the maturation of intestinal innate immunity.

4. Using the endogenous ligand 12R-HETE can target and activate Nur77, promote the development of ILC3 and the ability of intestinal anti-pathogenic bacteria infection;

5.BTP, an exogenous activator of 12R-HETE, can improve the performance of weaned piglets and alleviate the intestinal inflammatory response caused by ETEC.

Transplanting mature flora to newborn piglets can improve growth performance and intestinal health; early intervention in the intestinal oxygen environment can promote the colonization of intestinal flora and intestinal immune maturation, and the combination of mature flora transplantation and early intervention in oxygen environment can obtain more Good intervention effect.

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